Elite Colleges Stereotype: the Myth that Can Cost You Too Much

Average college cost is too much. 
Students are forced to get into huge debts – that now are near $1 trillion – and cannot find proper jobs. Moreover, it is affecting US long-term future. There is a myth that paying a substantial amount of money for a college is worth it, specifically at a top university or college. 

Should You Concentrate on SAT or ACT?

Many High Schools all over the US are choosing sides between ACT and SAT as the most appropriate test to pass. Therefore, students always focus on the test they think matter more. But most universities and colleges recognize both scores without valuing one test more than other. In this case, you should take both tests at least once that can give you a real preference in understanding which test suits you better.

Why I Should Take High School Online Classes?

Why not to try? This new tendency in college proposals is a good opportunity for a student who requires some reinforcement in a discipline or wants additional challenge. I think the core thing here to consider is that your online classes should not influence on your average high school GPA  and SAT or ACT results which determines your future college opportunities. So, try to protect that. In fact, there are a dozens of good reasons to consider this opportunity for you.
High School Online Classes are a great opportunity for you to:

All the Truth about College Degree That Your College Won’t Tell You

If you are considering whether to start or continue college education, there are a few important life things that you should know about – such facts that colleges themselves don’t like to mention. It is uncomfortable truths that they are not going to tell you. 

We Can Help with Student Loan Debt

Constant rising of college education means that more and more students are forced to occupy student loans to pay for college. These loans can be a convenient option, but it’s not a surprise that for many people it can be hard to discharge. In case you cannot cope with the burden of the debt, we can help you.

So You’re Starting Your College Application Form in November

It happened that you are going to send your college application form in November. Don’t be afraid, we’ve prepared “to do list” to achieve that goal. You can do it; don’t worry. In order to get started stay focused.

Procrastination – student's disease of the century

Procrastination is a type of psychological behavior that is experienced by everyone in a varying degree. For some it can be a little problem, for another it may become a destructive habit. Procrastination is only indirectly related to time management, as most procrastinators often have detailed schedules, but it doesn’t help them.